A great new book about Tom Roberts: ‘Go forward, dear’ by Chris Hector

Tom Roberts, Australia’s Master Trainer, said to his pupils: “You have to learn to SIT STILL and not urge the horse until he needs it – and THEN make him notice and again SIT STILL. None of you can do this and you must determine to master this trifle… This is the task I set you between this class and the next. Can you produce a horse next time that gives the onlooker the impression that he needs lightly holding rather than constant driving?… Will you have learnt to constantly attend to your horse so that you recognise IMMEDIATELY the slightest change of pace or tempo, then apply the necessary aids? And will you have taught your horse to attend and ACT INSTANTLY on the indications you give? Can you?? We’ll see!!” Read the full review by The Horse Magazine's Christopher Hector published 13 September 2017

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