Tom Roberts Legacy Project

Our story


It’s not every day an opportunity comes along to celebrate the contribution that one man, Tom Roberts, made towards the betterment of equestrianism and horse care in Australia.


Discussing Tom’s visionary approach, Dr Andrew McLean of Equitation Science International says  “He was the first person I have ever known who correctly described negative reinforcement in user-friendly terms of ‘profit’ and ‘profit you not’, as an integral part of his horse training principles.”


During his lifetime, Roberts produced a priceless body of work about horse training that includes four ground breaking books, photographs, films, articles and lecture notes. On the passing of Tom’s wife, Pat, a number of these items were donated to the non-profit organisation Horse SA so that his educative work can continued to be shared with all horse owners and riders into the future


Project activity timeline

4 June 2015: Dr Andrew McLean talks about Tom.Photo: Pat Roberts & Andrew McLean in Tom Roberts lecture room. YouTube or Audio file  (Starts after 9 seconds)

Enter date:  Tom's family donate items to Horse SA.

15 July 2015 (and 20 Jan 2017): Crowdfunding pages close. Both fail to reach goal set, however people sponsored the project direct to Horse SA.

25 July 2015 Cataloging day, Old Hahndorf Mill

1 April 2016: A weekend of writing at Kersbrook Equestrian Centre, on of many collaboration sessions between authors Andrew & Nicki.   

15 Sept 2017: Book launch photos